We deal with the artisan realization of sofas, armchairs, upholstered beds, curtains, and quilts, the installation of roller tracks and panels and the marketing of carpets, furnishing accessories, mattresses, pillows, nets and awnings. With a company of 1200 square meters and an organizational structure capable of supplying the required products in short times at competitive costs, Salottificio la Piuma represents today a real point of reference for those looking for quality and comfort at home.

Thanks to an assortment of over 500 items the Salottificio La Piuma is able to satisfy any need and to meet different tastes. Cotton, velvet, leather, alcantara are just some of the materials used to make the living rooms.

The various phases of the production process that lead to the realization of the sofa are managed through an accurate and careful evaluation of the raw materials. In the initial stages of the process, the fabric is cut and sewn while at the same time the preparation of the drums takes place through the "belt" and "put on white" phases. Final and important phase is that of the assembly managed by skilled upholsterers who assemble everything with care and skill. It is thanks to the careful control of all the production steps and the ability of our operators that we are able to offer the customer a product that has all the features required by the market.